Body Therapeutics
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Body Therapeutics

Specializing in powerful approaches to rediscovering ease, awareness and vitality

Alexander Technique - Wendy Carrier, certified teacher of Alexander Technique
With Alexander Technique people of all ages and abilities can learn to strip away the movement habits and tension patterns at the root of their discomfort, replacing those patterns with balance and restoring their innate poise.

Structural Integration - Peter Stickel, practitioner of Structural Integration

Structural Integration, a.k.a. “rolfing”, is a system of soft tissue manipulation with the objective of realigning the body structurally and harmonizing its fundamental movement patterns in relation to gravity. Better posture and alignment, ease of movement and relaxation are common benefits.

Serving the Boston, Metro North and North Shore areas.

Body Therapeutics
599 North Ave, Suite 9
Wakefield, MA 01880
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